Our Big White Wine Bottles

Are you looking for extra big bottles of high quality white wine for a wedding, party or special celebration gift? Our range offers something great for all occasions!

Magnums & More offer superb white wines in magnum, jeroboam (double magnum) and even bigger bottles to bring a guaranteed extra wow factor to your event.

At weddings and parties, they make a great table centrepiece and will get everyone talking and sharing. And if you’re looking for an extra special presentation gift for a friend or colleague, these big bottles will add a touch of drama.

All magnums and jeroboams (double magnums) come in a gorgeous Magnums & More dark presentation tube which has a luxurious feel and is the perfect complement for our inspired white wines. Our even bigger size gift bottles are protected by stylish wooden boxes. There’s also a smart gift tag which you can fill in yourself, or ask us to hand-write and send direct to the happy recipient.

From light-bodied summery wines for weddings to spicy or fruity flavours to complement a special meal, all our white wines are carefully chosen by us for you, making them ideal for convivial sharing.

You can also order large numbers of big format white wine bottles on sale or return for weddings, parties and other celebrations - please note that we can normally offer special discounts on large orders.

Please get in touch to discuss!

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